Sugarland Growers, Inc. on the island of Oʻahu is one of the largest farms in Hawaiʻi, supplying local residents with fresh produce for over 43 years and counting!


Our Commodities

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The fresh fruits and vegetables grown by Sugarland are those that grow well in the Hawaiian climate and are staples essential to the islands' local consumers. We strive to provide Hawaiʻi with food that is locally grown year-round.  View our produce at our photo gallery.

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Seasoned Farmers

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The owners of Sugarland, come from generations of farmers and foragers, dating back all the way to the time of The Pilgrims. Today, Sugarland employs workers on Oʻahu and Molokaʻi to provide the best produce Hawaiʻi can offer. Learn more about their farming legacy at the link below.

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Produce in Paradise


Sugarland is fortunate enough to have affiliates in first-rate organizations. They participate in supporting local businesses and communities and in turn, supporting Hawaiʻi's local economy.  Find more information about our partners here.

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