Sugarland Growers, Inc. is committed to continuously meeting customer specifications, following food safety, laws, adhering to industry food safety best practices to provide safe and high quality food products...
— Sugarland Growers, Inc., Food Safety Policy


Sugarland Growers, Inc. is entering their 10th year of third-party audits.  This is verified through the regular voluntary audits that demonstrate our companies’ production, harvesting, and storing procedures in our everyday operations are handled in a safe and sanitary environment. 

In order to achieve and maintain superior audit results, Sugarland’s extensive Food Safety Program ensures that safe and sanitary handling practices begin with their workers.  The Food Safety Program currently includes but is not limited to these aspects in the following capacities:

  • Crop Nutrition
  • Crop Protection
  • Employee Hygiene
  • Food Security
  • Pest Control
  • Traceability & Recall
  • Water Testing

Regular food safety training and self-inspections are conducted on such topics monthly.  This also includes keeping up to date on QA testing in order to validate the quality controls used by the company.