With humble beginnings, Sugarland Growers found its start in 1971, quickly gaining the confidence of the local community through their crops.


The company’s history began with Akea Farms in 1971.  The farm began in Molokaʻi, featuring cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, and other crops.  With the farm’s success, business was able to expand beyond Molokaʻi and on to the old Oʻahu sugar cane and pineapple farm lands, and become what is known today as Sugarland Growers, Inc.

The company is now one of Hawaiʻi’s largest diversified crop operations.

Here at Sugarland Growers, crops are grown to exclusively suit the needs of Hawaiʻi’s customers.  This is especially important because of the diverse populations found on the islands and the varied diets the cultures require.  These commodities include bananas, green bell peppers, cabbages, Chinese cabbages, cucumbers, several varieties of tomatoes, and several varieties of watermelons. 

It is crucial to the company to keep their product as fresh as possible and to also ensure maximum sustainability is achieved.  The produce is usually not shipped out of state; thus keeping costs down by reducing overhead and freight charges, reducing the company’s carbon footprint, and reducing costs for the most important assets—the customers.


Our products can be found locally at operations such as:

  • Big-Box Clubs

  • Commissaries


  • Major supermarkets

  • Neighborhood Stores

  • Military retail stores